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Hi there and welcome to my blog, the Crisp Grape! My name is Jo and I a major foodie and lover of wine. I can’t really say I’m a wine aficionado, because that would be a lie. And I don’t pretend to be one either because there’s just so much knowledge to attain. My better half, however, truly is a wine expert. He actually paid his way through law school working as a sommolier in both England, Australia and in our home town here in British Columbia. And after being with him for several years now, his enthusiasm for wine has definitely rubbed of. So much so, that I’ve made us join several wine clubs, and I’m always experimenting with new recipes that use wine. So why a chardonnay blog? Well, why not? Chardonnay needs some love too right? Besides, it’s one of my favorite wines to cook with, so I thought I could share with you some of my best recipes, cocktails and wine pairings. Salut!



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